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Cost Effective

Cyber DAN is an extremely cost-effective solution for the display of any media. By requiring little in the way of resources and maintenance, Cyber DAN can dramatically reduce your costs for media distribution.

Ease of Use

Anyone can use Cyber DAN There are no technical skills or technical personnel needed to deploy a Cyber DAN advertising network. If you can hook a monitor up to a computer and use a web browser, then you have all the skills you need to enjoy a successful network of unlimited advertising power.

  • Cyber DAN is an easy to use media distribution system, simplifying the deployment of promotional digitized media to target specific locations in high traffic consumer areas when and where it matters most.
  • With DAN, you can deliver digital advertisements, and promotions directly to shopping malls, theme parks, restaurants, or other remote locations.
  • Cyber DAN is a revolutionary product that takes a mainstream entity such as the internet and turns it into a secure highway to deliver your ads and custom programming to your specific audience
  • From your computer, you easily designate and deploy the content for any DAN receiver in your network.
  • DAN will save you money; advertising investment is much lower than broadcast television and more efficient!
  • In addition to what DAN can do for your sales, it's also a great management tool and can be used to train new store personnel
  • Cyber Operations hosts the central distribution server in a secure facility
  • The simplicity of the system makes training and upkeep very simple
  • It creates a one to one relationship with your target consumer
  • Increased consumer spending and economic growth!

What You Can Do With Cyber DAN

  • Generate proof-of-run reports on demand to simplify billing
  • Display breaking news or welcome new customers on the screen crawl
  • RSS news feeds, up to the minute using the screen crawl
  • Distribute to thousands of Cyber DAN units around the world with a single click
  • Have complete control of ad distribution, using only your web browser
  • Play ads with or without an audio track
  • Optional wireless Internet distribution
  • Learn to deploy ads within minutes
  • Rest easy about security - all communication is encrypted

What You Don't Need

  • No servers to buy or maintain!
  • No technical skills or technical personnel are needed to deploy a Cyber DAN advertising network
  • A high speed network is not required, and you can use your existing Internet connection